After Reading: Annie and the Old One

Connection:  In what ways did you connect to this book?

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  1. The book made me think about enjoying everyday and not trying to control the things that are not within your control.

  2. When Annie notices her Grandmother as “small and still, and […] very old” it reminded me of when I came home my first time after starting college. I remember thinking that my parents looked older. (They weren’t any older than when I left them, but something was different.) Maybe it was me – maybe I had grown up more and looked at my parents differently than I had throughout childhood? I really could relate to Annie in that part of the story. It helped me connect to her character and motivation.

  3. This book made me think about all the times I have fought against something that I didn’t want to happen (People dying, friends moving aways) because I didn’t want to be hurt by it.

  4. I connected with this book because I try to make the most of every moment I spend with my 88 year old grandmother.

  5. I love how this book shows that death can be peaceful and natural. It reminded me of how hard I struggled with the death of my grandfather, but he to was at peace and knew it was his time.

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