After Reading: The Bicycle Man

Connection:  In what ways did you connect to this book?

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  1. When I heard the part about the kids having races and games outside, it reminded me of field day at our school.

  2. I also connected to the field day events in the book. I absolutely LOVED field day in elementary school! The bike tricks also reminded me of a prize for a fundraiser in middle school when a bike team from the Vans company performed for us.

  3. It also reminded me of field day when I was in elementary school. The best day of the year! We had some of the same games like tug of war and running races.

  4. This book reminded me of being in PE club in elementary school. We learned to ride unicycles and would perform for the school. Some of the teachers at my school learned to ride and would perform with us.

    • That’s really cool!

  5. I could connect with the language barrier, and having to communicate somehow with each other even if you don’t speak the same language. Most of the kids in my class are ESL and when I first meet the kids and their families, a smile can go a long way. And also trying to speak a little in their language, like the soldiers did on the last page when they said thank you.

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