After Reading: The Crane Wife

Connection:  In what ways did you connect to this book?

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  1. This book reminded me of fables that I heard growing up (i.e. the boy that cried wolf is the only one coming to me right now). Those stories that have an underlying message or moral at the end. I liked this one because it has a couple of different underlying messages that each reader could interpret in their own way.

  2. Sometimes you want things in this life so bad that you would do anything to get it and in the end you are worse off than you were to start with. You need to appreciate what you have right now and be thankful and not get greedy.

  3. I try to teach my students to be happy for what they have. I’m teaching an economics unit right now, we’ve discussed income, savings, bills, needs and wants. This topic of making sound economic choices has come up regularly.
    Most of my boys want to become famous NFL players….mostly for money and fame. We’ve discussed how we all have issues=/ problems that arise. Money might make things easier, but everyone has some problems to deal with from time to time.

  4. I connect with this book in many ways. I have an awesome relationship with my husband and the love I feel for him has grown from a mutual respect for each other. This has not always been the case and especially where money is concerned in our relationship, when that becomes a focus in our marriage it leads to a downhill slide in our marriage. It requires assessing our priorities and coming back to what is important…respect and love for each other, regardless of our money situation.

  5. This book reminds me of the simplicity of love and kindness. I think about the culture in which I have been raised and how there was no other option than to honor thy mother and father. We were never allowed to speak up and say no. We just did what we were told, no questions. It’s something that I expect from my own children but it’s a very different world.

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