Before Reading: The Bicycle Man

Predict:  Take a picture walk through and read the title.  What do you think this story will be about?

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  1. A school in a foreign country who is in a time of war. Soldiers possibly come to the school yard to entertain the young children.

  2. I think this story is about some sort of competition, where the kids will play games and compete against another team.

  3. I think the story, “The Crane Wife” will be about a submissive woman who is married to a rather domineering man in ancient Japanese times. It appears that she is weaving fabric and it will somehow be turned into a crane.

  4. I think this story is about field day at a school in Japan.

  5. Students in Japan are having a field day at school with activities to earn prizes. During the day some soldiers come and join in the fun by doing bike tricks.

  6. This story is about two soldiers that visit japanese children at their school. The soldiers play games and put on a show for the children.

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