During Reading: Annie and the Old One

Infer: What themes do you think the author is inferring in this book?  What lessons do you think the author wants you to take away as a reader?

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  1. Accepting death as a part of life. Annie is so against finishing the rug because she fears her Grandmother’s death. She causes trouble at school and at home all in hopes of delaying the completion of the weaving. When her Grandmother takes her out to the mesa, she tells Annie that preventing death “cannot be done.” Grandmother points out that this is a natural process that Annie sees everyday with the sun and with cactus. The other also connects death almost as a rebirth into the Earth. When a person dies they are not gone for good, rather they become a part of the earth and the things in it.

  2. The theme of time moving on and not having control over many things is something I thought of. The fact that her grandmother helps her come to peace with life moving forward instills the desire to carry on her family traditions

  3. The themes that stick out to me as I read are loyalty, tradition, coping with loss. I think the lesson the author wants the reader to learn is that there is a natural order of things, and no matter how hard we fight it, certain things are just meant to be.

    • Loyalty is another good one!

  4. I believe that the author is inferring that no matter how hard you may try, somethings in life cannot be stopped. I think a theme here is letting go and accepting that things will die and return to the earth (cactus will not bloom forever, petal dried and fell to the earth).

  5. Accepting death is the big theme that I take from this story. The grandmother helps her to understand that death is inevitable and does not have to be an awful thing. I also think the authors portrays a lot about this culture and the respect this family has for each other.

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