During Reading: The Bicycle Man

Infer: What themes do you think the author is inferring in this book?  What lessons do you think the author wants you to take away as a reader?

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  1. I think the author wanted to teach us the importance of acceptance. No matter what you look like or where you are from, people can be friendly. The two men may have looked threatening, however they turned out to be warm and gentle. The probably wanted to school kids and teachers to accept them as well.

  2. Themes – teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, open minds

    I think the author wants the reader to keep an open mind about people and situations. Something unexpected and wonderful can happen!

    • I agree. The lesson of keeping an open mind will follow you through life in many situations!

  3. I think the author was trying to teach us that first appearances may be deceiving. The soldiers were different and looked scary, though when they accepted them, they found them to be playful and fun.

  4. sportsmanship
    The students learned a lesson about good sportsmanship and collaboration by watching adults and foreigners collaborate. Collaboration can be shown in different cultures.

  5. I think that one theme would be exactly what the principal said to everybody in the book “let us remember we are gathered here in the spirit of sportsmanship. Whether we win or lose, let us enjoy ourselves.” I think the soldiers who came in were showing them how to enjoy themselves and that it is about working together and not always a competition.

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