During Reading: The Crane Wife

Infer: What themes do you think the author is inferring in this book?  What lessons do you think the author wants you to take away as a reader?

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  1. You need to be happy with what you have and not get greedy.

  2. Don’t take advantage. Be happy with what you have. Respect with wishes of others.

  3. Money can not buy your happiness.

  4. The author seems to be inferring that love can be found in honoring your partner. The author seems to send two messages. The first is that greed for money blinds a person to their true character. The second lesson seems to be that love with honor and respect is eternal, but without honor and respect there can be no love.

  5. It seems as if the author is sending across a very powerful message about greed and how it can consume a person who started out as a rather humble and giving person. I think the author wants the reader to see the value of kindness and how taking advantage of a person’s character can destroy the relationships that were once solid.

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