Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Group 2: Marcia Emrich, Kevin Fuehler, Hanna Gattoni, Debbie Grimm, and Rachel Hendrix


  1. Listen to the following podcast (Click on link above).
  2. Post a reaction to the podcast you just heard.
  3. Read the posts of peers.
  4. Offer response to your peers by making statements, asking questions, or making connections.
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  1. This just about made me cry. Cancer steals so much from so many people and how awesome that this woman could share such a gift with her grandpa.

    • This was such an emotional story. You could tell how much her grandfather meant to her!!

    • I also got a little teary too. It was obvious how special their relationship was and how much her granddad impacted her.

  2. This podcast made me realize how influential others can be in our lives. Her grandfather provided the encouragement that she needed in order to become confident in her musical abilities. Seeing him react positively to music in his final moments even inspired her to major in music. Wow, such an amazing story!!

    • This made me realize how we need to take time for others. How easy it would have been for her grandpa to blow her off and tell her “good job,” but she saw pure joy in him from her performance which encouraged her. I pray that I am an encouragement to others.

    • I love that she stuck with majoring in music even when people tried to get her to change. She knew what she was meant to do.

  3. My favorite line of the essay was “I worked on it for weeks, knowing it never mattered if I actually played it well…” I thought this line showed the connection between love and music and demonstrated the love her grandfather had for her. It made me think back to when my granddad came to one of my art shows in high school. I won an award for an abstract piece and my granddad told me he had no clue what it was, but he loved it. This was a very heartfelt essay!

  4. Music is a very special part of my life too and I can connect with her on that. Sometimes music says more than words or actions can. The connection between them is wonderful and is one that can only be made with time. To connect this to the classroom, I love how the grandfather slowly encouraged her to learn the song and overtime, she desired to learn it herself. As teachers, musicians, or simply people, we must make connections, encourage change and keep passions alive.

    • It’s amazing that their running joke turned into something that comforted both of them in a time of need. This shows just how influential an adult can be in a child’s life. It’s important to remember to be that person even when things are tough, especially in the classroom.

  5. I have a very dear friend who lives far away that is going through this horrible disease. It’s very devastating for everyone.

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