Happy with what I Have

Happy with what I Have

Group 4: Traci Morrison, Caroline Petrow, Tara Pope, Brittany Wilfong


  1. Listen to the following podcast (Click on link above).
  2. Post a reaction to the podcast you just heard.
  3. Read the posts of peers.
  4. Offer response to your peers by making statements, asking questions, or making connections.
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  1. What wise words from a lady who has lived a long life and yet is so content! Love the explanation of consumption and how we do “feed” our wants!

    • She does sound so content. I like how at the end she said she would whittle away her wants, as if to recognize it is an ongoing process. It made me look around the room I am in and see so many things I don’t need.

      • I agree, so many unneeded things! Just take a trip to another country and then reality hits of how much we do have!

  2. This perspective is so easy to think, yet so difficult to live. I like how she portrays this in the changing usage of the work “consumption.” Socially, now we consume material goods, where as in the past physical ailments consumed our bodies.

    • Caroline,
      The idea of consumption stood out to me too! Amazing how before it was in reference to a disease, but now it is the everyday world around us! I believe we can learn so much from the elderly who have experience so many life lessons like her! 🙂

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