The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Group 1: Betsy Bair, Megan Bowles, Lydia Crystal, Kelly Delay


  1. Listen to the following podcast (Click on link above).
  2. Post a reaction to the podcast you just heard.
  3. Read the posts of peers.
  4. Offer response to your peers by making statements, asking questions, or making connections.
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  1. My first thought when listening to this podcast was that she has had a rough life. However, writing and reading have helped her through tough times and formed who she is. Just this piece that we listened to was very powerful and eloquent. I can tell she takes great pride in what she write.

    • I liked how she described how her writing voice changed throughout different parts of her life.

      • I feel the same way! Words comfort her through those tough times, and she comes out stronger and stays positive because of it.

  2. This was a very powerful podcast on the power of words! I especially like how she spoke about writing for so many different purposes in life: to change minds, to transform the world, to arouse emotions and change, as therapy, etc!

    • There are so many reasons that we write. I have never really thought about the reasons I write but this makes me think about it. Even in one given day at school there are so many times that I write things down for different reasons.

      • I thought so too! I never truly thought about it, but our words have the power to do so much!

    • There are so many different purposes for writing! With the rush to fit everything into the school day, I sometimes skip letting students choose their own purposes for writing because they have so many standards to meet. I need to do a better job of giving them free writing time.

  3. Benita Porter poignantly states the power of words in her podcast. I was amazed by how much she has been through in her life (brain tumor at 24, husband who had a stroke, son with autism), yet she stays so positive because she has words to comfort her in times of distress. I love that she talked about how Martin Luther King Jr used the power of words to “inform, instruct, and transform” society in order to fight against social injustice. I try to teach my kids daily the power of words and to keep in mind that the power of our words can change the path of someone’s life.

    • The power of our words can change the path of the world!

      • I completely agree!

    • It is very important to teach your students that words have power. They need to see that what they say can inspire or also hurt someone.

    • As i was listening I was really taken back by all the struggles and challenges she experienced. It is really inspirational how positive she remained.

  4. I really enjoyed how she spoke of words giving her comfort throughout all the challenges she experienced. It is a nice reminder of the power students are just beginning to learn in our classrooms. This podcast could serve as a great motivator for some students, may be a little older.

    • I agree… I try to teach my students on a daily basis the power of their words and how much weight their words can carry. I want them to think about what they say and how it can affect themselves and others.

    • Older students listening to how one person’s words (Martin Luther King Jr) can change someone could be very powerful. I always tell my younger students to think about what they are going to saw and think about if it is helpful or hurtful before speaking. This could show older students how words can inspire too.

    • I agree, and we get the important job of teaching our students not only how to read and communicate, but also the power of these skills

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