An Angel for Solomon Singer: During Reading


As you read this book, what do you think are the major themes the author is trying to express?

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  1. Solomon seems boxed in, restricted by the city. I wonder why he moved to NYC and didn’t stay where he loved?

    • Remembering the things that you love may help you see your surroundings in a different light…treasure your memories but give change a chance and by all means, sneak in a cat or two 🙂

  2. being thankful or satisfied with what you have, hope for more, making the best out of any situation, seeing the good instead of the negative, giving things a chance

  3. change of perspective–look for the positive
    the power of a friendly face, feeling like someone cares

  4. I think that one of the major themes is “Home.” Solomon was lonely and longing for his old house in the midwest. Friendship is another theme that prevails as Solomon was able to make a friend in Angel and that made his new life in the city feel more like home.

    • I like that Angel became a source of comfort for Solomon.

  5. I think that Cynthia Rylant wants the readers to make connections with some of the different things that Solomon loved. She would like for the readers to understand why Solomon thought it was important to love where you live, and why the reader also feels that way. I also think Cynthia Rylant is trying to express the theme of character feelings, and the type of things that make them happy, sad, and lonely. I also think she is trying to express the theme of following your dream and helping others.

  6. The major theme I think the author is trying to express is that though you may not have what you want or be where you want to be, there is always a positive side to things. I think the author is expressing that it’s little things that can put a smile on someones face so its important to always be kind because you never know what someone is going through internally.

    • Yes, Solomon was able to find the positive side of his dreams when he visited Angel and the cafe. Although he did not physically have all of these things, he had his dreams. This book was inspiring and had a great story.

  7. I think that Cynthia Rylant is trying to say you can find a place to belong even when you are far from familiar surroundings. Look for new connections and experiences.

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