Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: After Reading

What are your thoughts after reading this book?

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  1. This book would be a great way to teach theme in a story! It also is a great way to connect science/earth day. I loved reading it and thought it was really meaningful. I also thought that the illustrations were superb.

    • Maybe you could compare and contrast it with the Lorax?

  2. As I said in my during reading post, this book reminds me of the scenario of the tragedy of the commons. In an effort to take and conquer, humans often create destructive situations, even for themselves. I also was reminded of a book I read in college called Black Elk Speaks. There were so many voices in the history of our nation that have not been remembered. I love that this book brings to our children a voice that is not typically heard.

  3. Several connections can be made with this book. The obvious one of conservation, but also about validity of sources. At the end of the book, the author comments on how Chief Seattle’s words are “partly obscured by time” and references the number of times they were translated. While this may not detract from the overall message of the book, it could open the door for conversation.

    • Perhaps students could do some historical research around the context of this situation. I know in seventh grade that connects to standard RL.7.9.

  4. After reading this book I feel like it is a last cry for decency to preserve the land and animals that the Native Americans held so sacred.

  5. What do you think about the way this is written almost as if it is a poem?

    • I like the way it is written, it really keeps your attention

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