Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: During Reading

As you read this book, what do you think are the major themes the author is trying to express?

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  1. All life on earth is sacred

  2. “You must give the rivers kindness that you would give to any brother”

    • I also like the line “The shining water that moves in the streams and rivers is not simply water, but the blood of your grandfather’s grandfather.”

  3. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky is a beautiful story of words poured out from a wise chief when his people’s land was to be taken over by white settlers. His words carry many themes, such as humans are one part of the natural web–what we do to the natural world, we do to ourselves. There were also questions about ownership and who can really own natural resources, and the necessity of humility and common respect for the natural world. This book reminded me of the scenario of the tragedy of the commons.

  4. A theme I see is the questions of what “ownership” really means when talking about the Earth.
    Another is that when we die, we return to the earth and become part of it, so treat the earth as if it were a member of your family.

  5. You can not own nature. The earth does not belong to us we belong to earth. We are part of the earth and the earth is apart of us and we are all dependent on one another.

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